iphone Application Development

  • Why iphone Apps:

    iPhone Applications Development

    Deliver multimedia content to attract customers Easily reach thousands of paying audience Provide latest information with the always-on Internet Generate buzz and establish brand recognition

    Application development on the iPhone is an exciting new platform to build remote applications and expand customer reach. Consumer and Enterprise level iPhone development, as with any software process, requires a strong focus on project planning, architectural modeling, and demonstrated iPhone development experience.

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    iphone Analysis & Discovery Phase

    iPhone Applications Development
    • Hardware requirements and Apple development agreements
    • iPhone 3.x platform & SDK strengths and limitations Feature based cost analysis and budget realizations
    • Define project scope, design needs, and development roadmaps
    • Our unique experiences building both iPhone applications and SOA-based communication gateways allow us to understand client infrastructure and take full advantage of existing legacy software and data systems.
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Specialist will jot down your requirements and develop a proposal within 24 hours.

  • Interface directly with the Chief Architect & Owner of a committed US software consulting firm.
  • Developers with the equipment, relationships, and experience building iPhone applications.
  • Proven ability to define project functionality, timelines, and work within a budget.
  • Flexible enough to take on small projects and budgets.
  • Resourceful enough to craft large enterprise level applications, SOA based gateways and data systems, all while communicating effectively with diverse teams.
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  • Apple's App store has more than 15,000 apps and has recorded more than 500 million downloads since its launch last summer. "They are becoming the 800-pound guerrilla in the room. No one can catch them, not even Google," said Yankee Group Analyst Josh Martin. "The product is finished and finalized and the other manufacturers still have to figure it out…If you want to make money today, you need an app for the iPhone."

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