Facility Management Services

If your inland operations have become expensive and tiresome and they tend to reduce your profit margins, you can consider our Facility Management Service to increase your profit margin and to reduce all hassles. We have world-class infrastructure to meet your specific needs. We will man the entire operation to provide you all facilities you need to run your entire operations at a much lower cost. How? First, we will analyze your processes and provide professional guidance to help you identify your operations segments that can be smoothly transferred to our cost-effective offshore office.


You do not have to spend your time, money and energy in setting up the infrastructure anymore. You will have your instant office, fully equipped and manned offshore, in 72 hours or less, depending on your exact requirements.

<h4>Here is how it works</h4>


  • We provide you with a Full Time Virtual Affordable Employee
  • Virtual Affordable Employee works directly for you.
  • Not a Freelancer – Your own Virtual Affordable Employee
  • We take your requirements, and find the best match to work for you.

    We encourage you to view our portfolio to get a better idea of what we are talking about. Please either call us at 201-392-1727 or email us at support@balianti.com for a free consultation.